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Synthwave Music To Feel Free Like Kids Again

Synthwave and New Retrowave is a type of electronic pop music that uses many elements heard in the music of the early 1980’s. Recently the hit Blinding Lights by The Weeknd was in that style.

Now imagine using that sort of music production to create a song that talks about self improvement. How to feel good. You see, when we are children and we still do not know the problems of life, we are not afraid of the future. The song “I’m That Kid” by Dario Margeli wants to make us remember that feeling of freedom from fear.

Listening to Spotify:

There is a video for the song on YouTube that has the type of 1980s video games graphics. Watch it:

Try to think of a moment in your childhood that felt amazing. Before you had grown up issues of bills and work. Can you remember how good it felt? Treasure it! The song is meant to help the listener reach the light of consciousness again.

Although an experienced rock musician, this time Dario has opted for a New Retro Wave style production. Examples of this style of electronic production are hits by artists like Kavinsky or the music in some Big Theft Auto video games.

When Dario Margeli was a kid, the music was very different. The music of groups like The Gap Band had the hard funk groove. Prince not only sang but was a masterful guitarist and the Italo-disco gave joy to the listeners. There were so many lessons learned from that music. Now, here in 2021, Dario is combining it with today’s new reality of software and smartphones.



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