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Single Review: The Squid “Focus”

The squid gets instant points for having a fun name, and his new single “FOCUS” is pretty good as well. The beat is tight and effective, I liked the simple and relaxed guitar lead. You can tell he cares immensely about his music through his lyrics. With “FOCUS,” the squid is declaring that he’s not losing sight of the dreams he’s been working towards, and he can’t be bothered with people who try to tear him down, including his own mind.

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The South Florida-based artist released an album, “VERTIGO,” in 2020 and plans on releasing a new album in early 2022. The new single, “FOCUS” has a lot of heart, which bodes well for the upcoming album. He sounds kind of young, which is a strength. It makes his voice sound different; it makes him stand out. “FOCUS” is pretty catchy and has some joyful swagger that you can’t fake. the squid comes across as genuine and authentic and truly proud of his craft.

There are vulnerable little bits in the song where the squid alludes to dealing with depression, which many people can connect to. I think it’s especially important for emerging artists to give their future audiences something raw and human to connect with. People are more likely to listen to songs they can see themselves reflected in. “FOCUS” isn’t a song about being sad though, it feels more like a fight song. the squid is “focused” on making his music so he can tour and share his craft, rising above his own inner turmoil and drama with others. He isn’t giving up on the life that he wants, and he isn’t going to let the darkness win. There are songs with similar themes out there, but the world could always use one more.

“FOCUS” is a cool upbeat track that is hopefully the precursor to a sophomore album from the squid. It feels like someone looking towards the horizon, anticipating a bright future. It’s an excellent song to listen to when you’re feeling crushed and want a reminder that your talents can take you places. It will be interesting to see what direction the squid’s music goes in from here and how he evolves as an artist. If he has as much drive as “FOCUS” implies, then he should be just in the right direction.

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