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Single Review: Tedi Brunetti “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

Tedi Brunetti presents a swinging, big band sound with “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”. A togetherness of sorts emerges, one that explores the day to day that can wear a person down. Yet the lyrics here have a playfulness to them. With this sense of humor, they are able to create something that feels outright gorgeous, featuring a sense of bliss that is pure happiness. Over the course of the work the interplay amongst the group has a fine aspect to it, one that goes for a truly visceral approach. Riffs run through the entirety of the duration of the sound, featuring a little bit of happiness to it all.

From the very first moment her voice is front and center of it all. Everybody within the song is in fine form. So many different instruments intermingle adding to the rather colorful duration. By allowing the song plenty of room to roam the piece starts to have a wonderful rhythm to it. The incredible sense of space gives it a classic cadence. Within the sound of the work, they allow the big band aspect of it to move rather cleverly. Everything about the sound has a contemporary quality while simultaneously taking nods from the past. A duality of sorts makes sure that the piece has a kaleidoscopic array. For the final stretch they let the sound loose.

“Eat, Sleep, Repeat” shows off Tedi Brunetti’s uncanny ability to create a fully communal spirited presence.

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