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Exclusive Interview With Gotaflika

Hi Gotaflika, thanks for sitting down with us today. Let’s start off by chatting about your music! Tell us a little about what you’ve been working on!

I’m constantly working on many music projects. I choose not to mention specifics right now but I want fans and music lovers to stay tuned as those vibes start to come out.

What’s your favorite era of music?

I don’t have a specific era of music that I like because music is a feeling and feelings are from random sources. But I honestly think the 80’s got it best. Also it seems like every genre has it’s time to shine.

What are you more passionate about, the creative process or the final product?

Most of the time I see the final product which fuels the creativity.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process has no structure. I let it come in pieces and that’s the reason why I take my time to complete my tracks.

Who’s your dream collab?

I like collaborating with females and it doesn’t matter their genre

Do you have a favorite lyric or verse for your new album?

Hahah, I think we can reserve that for now, I write my lyrics so that I like them and I hope my fans do also.

Thanks for chatting today Gotaflika! Where can we find your music online?

You can find me at Gotaflika on all Social Media platforms and Zenobia Record Website (www.zenobiarecordsgroup.com)  

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