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Sarah Weber EP Release “Everything I Want”

With so much anticipation behind Sarah’s upcoming projects, it is no secret that we
are excited to hear she is releasing an EP this fall. Sarah Weber’s EP titled
“Everything I Want” is everything we need! With a newly revamped style, we can’t
pinpoint Sarah’s approach to this release. Sarah has featured songs produced by
her brother Nathan Weber. This ultimate duo has been the core to Sarah’s
success. We can safely assume that the release date won’t go past October. Of
course, perfection has no time limit. We have been following Sarah’s media, and
we are curious to see how her followers react to this EP. We expect to hear a
powerful track focused on the title. We are hoping she implements her
promiscuous style of lyrics along with the fearlessness vibe we all love! While
staying in tune with Sarah’s music, we have realized that she has remained
consistent with her releases this year, and we believe this project will be the hail
mary we wanted.
We plan to keep a close eye on Sarah. After gaining access to the cover art, we
have also gotten insight that a music video will be following the release of this

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