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Single Review: Greg Hoy “Highway 101”

When the band is playing and the chemistry between musicians is reaching a fever pitch, a special moment is born. There’s nothing to get between artists and medium in this moment, and the purest of sonic climaxes can be attained. The music video for Greg Hoy’s new single “Highway 101” seeks to capture such a moment on film, and by leaving all of the extra trimmings on the side, it manages to do everything its creator set out to inside of just a few minutes. “Highway 101” is pop/rock done simple and true to the standard once celebrated by organic bands around the world, and it’s worth a second glance this September for sure.

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The guitars aren’t made to breathe down our necks in this piece, but instead follow the patterned melody set forth by the vocal. Hoy’s verse adjoins itself to the bassline and creates a nice cushion for even the crunchiest of riffs here, and as much as the distortion wants to growl out a dirty harmony, the beat of the percussion frames everything within a uniquely pop context. If it’s possible to go crazy while sticking with an even groove, these players have figured out to do it – largely thanks to the brilliant direction of Greg Hoy.

In “Highway 101,” a familiar indie singer/songwriter puts aside theatrics in the name of tearing through a black and white melody like it’s 1969 all over again, and best of all, not a second of this single or its accompanying music video feel ‘retro’ in the classical sense. Greg Hoy is just the kind of solo rocker that the genre needs to be collectively highlighting in 2021, and for reasons tethering his place in the modern hierarchy of pop musicians to that of the artists who pioneered this genre so many years ago. All in all, “Highway 101” has the makings of a trademark track for this player.

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