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Ashlie Amber Sets Summer Free with “Open”

Ashlie Amber releases the magic of summer with her latest single “Open.” Letting her vocals run wild, “Open” packs a smashing punch of driving-too-fast fire from start to finish. Delivering an eruption of summertime swagger, Amber ushers in a hurricane of fast-burning passion and energy, leaving behind the distinguished mark of a classic summer anthem. Not afraid to tell her significant other how they make her feel, Amber offers a personal glimpse into her life with a thumping beat that’s sure to get summer on a roll. “You got my hands out the window on the highway,” Amber belts vivaciously in the chorus, living fast and free in the name of love. She has no second guesses in her emotions, and she is fully committed to simply having a good time and enjoying the ride.

Opening her heart again to the idea of love, Amber playfully reveals the emotions that come with the excitement of a new relationship. Proving to herself that she’s ready to love, Amber explores the new, by saying goodbye to the old. She is happily letting go of her worries and hesitations and is ready to live fast and love again with “Open.”
Ashlie Amber’s latest single “Open” is available NOW! To connect with Ashlie, follow her @ashlieamberofficial and visit her website at https://www.ashlieamber.com/!

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