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Single Review: Larry Jay “Heaven”

“Five chords and the truth” is the motto that Larry Jay lives by when it comes to his music. And with his latest single ‘Heaven’, he delivers on that mantra (out on July 20th).

A gorgeous track that cherry-picks the laidback, finger-picking style of country pop as well as the soulful self-analysis of West Coast R&B, it’s a definitive moment in Jay’s storied career as a musician, as he delves into the vaults of his memory and emotion. Whilst the subject matter may have become more heartfelt, however, Jay’s trademark pop-leaning, anthemic production remains a staple, and helps transmit his message directly to your tear ducts. 

“Heaven will let me see you again”, Jay tenderly sings during the song’s chorus. He’s clearly holding on to the pain of losing someone close, but given his candid approach to songwriting, it’s more of a cathartic experience rather than a lament. And it’s admittedly cathartic for the listener, as we’ve all shared in that pain at some point in our lives. 

A New York native who now resides in Los Angeles, this cross-country experience has only provided further inspiration and introspection in Jay’s work. For the better. ‘Heaven’ indicates the versatility of Jay’s musicianship, bringing down the tempo and ramping up the heartache in comparison to his previous releases ‘Drunk On Dreams’ and ‘2 New Girlfriends’.

Larry Jay states he started writing music “to set my soul free”. With ‘Heaven’, he’s certainly achieved that. Just make sure you’ve got a hefty pack of tissues at the ready, as it’s a tearjerker.

–Thomas Curtish


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