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Viper Club premieres new single, “Red Pen”

Viper Club is an emerging quartet from Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2019 by brothers Jack and Nate Vanderpol, the band would receive a boost to their debut single, “Beatrix,” thanks in part to the renowned personnel behind its production, including Jim Roach (Hoku, Starbomb, Ninja Sex Party), Thom Flowers (Steve Perry, The Ataris), and Josh Greenham (Billie Eilish, CHON). Subsequent efforts the next year, “Rich Girl” and “Sunshine,” continued the band’s upbeat, yet raw sonic presentation that catalyzed their debut, and would prove similarly well-received.

Today, Viper Club releases their latest single, “Red Pen.” Vocalist Jack Vanderpol based its thematic leanings on the ‘red pen effect,’ which he’d bring up during a late night conversation with a stranger.

“When teachers use a red pen to grade/add comments to student papers, students perceive them more negatively than if they use another color pen. For me, red pens became symbolic of judgment in general,” Vanderpol states. He adds. “It’s easy to take judgment personally and let it affect you negatively, but we should be free to be ourselves.”

“Red Pen” seems to draw strongly from alternative rock acts of the mid-90s, notably Foo Fighters and The Rentals, pierced by a fiery lead melody while engaging in the electronic nuances of the latter. Jack’s vocal tonality blends seamlessly with the involvement, as well as complements the cynical nature of the thematic angle. While its conjunctive ‘rise, fall and rise again’ dynamic is showcased in a cyclic manner, the synth-oriented elements gradually meld with that of the guitars, unveiling a sound that focuses on the blending as well as the commanding presence of the two structural influences. Following the band’s return to the stage at Phoenix, Arizona’s Rebel Lounge yesterday, the band plans to release an accompanying music video, and eventually, a follow-up EP.

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