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Single Review: Poshbugati “Girl Dad”

If there’s an artfulness to using auto-tune the right way, I think we can all agree that Poshbugati has cracked the code after hearing what he can do in the new single and music video “Girl Dad” this March. While the pitch-shift is liberally employed throughout the whole of his conveying the lyrics to us behind the mic, it’s made to extend the seamlessness of the background harmony while making the words Poshbugati is crooning all the more physical and present beside the beat. This is rapping for grown folks, and better yet, it’s delivered by a voice completely disconnected from the ill-willed commercial element in modern hip-hop.

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I love the music video for “Girl Dad,” and not just because of the way it highlights the impact Kobe Bryant and the lifestyle he espoused had on people around the globe. It’s clear from both the cinematic properties of this release and the narrative it connects with in the poetry Poshbugati presents that he’s the real article; there is no motivation in this piece other than the need to express everything he’s feeling in his heart. That goes deeper than what most of the contemporary hip-hop world has a capacity for – in more ways than one, it’s an installment in the book of soul as it was started by legends now long-gone from this earth.

A work that comes straight from its creator’s heart, Poshbugati’s “Girl Dad” is as thought-provoking as it is introspective, and it tops my list of moving rap singles you need to hear before the season has come to a conclusion. He might be in the background now, but with the skills Poshbugati has in this song alone, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of his music in the spotlight so long as he continues to bang out amazing tracks like this one.

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