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Miku Desca – “Feeling”

Miku Desca is an up-and-coming EDM-based DJ and producer from Genoa, Italy. What you are going to love about him is that he likes to stuff his music with explosive and futuristic sounds every chance he gets. Miku’s latest single, “Feelings,” will show you how great of a music mind he has.

From the moment that you press play on “Feelings,” you’re going to want to dance your butt off. The song features epic drops, a helluva tempo, dim but intoxicating vibes, and a deep voice that will play both your mental coach and dance instructor. If you are a fan of exhilarating EDM music, there’s no way that you can walk away from “Feelings” not feeling satisfied.

Just to let you know, Miku is an independent artist that writes, mixes, and masters his own music (Isn’t that amazing?). Go ahead and give his “Feelings” single a shot and a half below!

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