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How to Meet at a Concert

We are used to the fact that the meeting with a potential future partner will happen exactly when we are ready for it. However, this does not guarantee us any success. According to the dating site lesbiedates, relationships that start with dating in an unconventional place have three times more likely to succeed. That’s why you may want to look for partners next time you’re at a concert. These 4 tips will help you meet singles while listening to your favorite music.

Choose Those Who Don’t Have a Partner

Couples love to go to concerts, so if you want to meet your next partner at a concert, make sure she/he is single. That doesn’t mean she has to be alone at the concert, she can be with a group of friends, but she has to be single. Spend some time observing, but don’t do it for too long because you’ll look creepy. One more important thing if you plan to introduce yourself while she’s with friends. Try to look confident while approaching (more tips on that below) and try to start a conversation just with the girl you like. It’s much easier to impress 1 person than 5 of them.

Non-verbal Language is the First Step in Meeting

Different studies gave different results, but they all agree that the huge percentage of communication between people is non-verbal. It’s more important how you say something than what you say. If you look at the floor while introducing yourself or keep staring at certain body parts while talking, you’ll show a lack of confidence and experience. Nobody wants to stop listening to their favorite band because of somebody who can’t look them in the eyes. Try to be relaxed, natural, and confident. If you succeed, your non-verbal communication will be on point.

Use Your Confidence

The most important trait for meeting people at concerts is confidence. If you aren’t confident, you won’t dare to approach anybody; you won’t know what to say or do. We’ll give you some confidence tips you can use in every aspect of your life (finding dates at concerts included).

  1. Stop Overthinking – the worst enemy of confidence is overthinking. you spend too much time thinking about something, you’ll find 1000 negative sides that will prevent you from doing anything. It’s easier said than done, but your life will change completely when you manage to stop overthinking.
  1. Don’t stand like your mum just died – posture reflects confidence. To look (and be) more confident, stand straight, don’t let your shoulders sink too low, and keep your chin high.
  1. Speak louder – if you have problems with confidence, you think that nobody cares when you speak, so you speak quietly. The easiest way to make people notice you and boost your confidence is to speak louder (especially at concerts). You don’t have to scream, speak as you believe in everything you’re saying.
  1. Don’t compare yourself to anybody – “Fly’s worst nightmare is just another dinner for a spider”. Everybody is different, don’t focus on other people, focus on yourself, and you’ll start growing.
  1. Fake it till you make it – confidence isn’t gained overnight, but your self-esteem will rise faster if you act confident.

Remember What You are Here For

People go to concerts because of music. You shouldn’t go there to meet people. That should be something that’ll happen naturally. Otherwise, people will see right through your intentions and won’t talk to you.

One more thing, don’t be too pushy. If you meet somebody at the concert and they tell you to go away, that’s completely fine. Rejections are part of the game. If you get an offer to talk later, exchange numbers or arrange a meeting after a concert. Don’t insist on talking at that moment because that will ruin your chances 100%. You’ll show you don’t respect their wishes and needs and nobody wants to date somebody like that. Remember, concerts are about music; everything else is just a bonus.


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