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5 Ways You Can Include Music In Your Wedding

If you’re someone who loves music and whose mood can be entirely altered just by hearing your favorite song, then your wedding day should reflect that.

There are lots of creative ways that you can include music at your wedding – without having to spend a fortune either.


Music can be a gorgeous theme for your wedding decor, and it works well whether you are having a black-tie affair or something more casual. You can pick up old vinyl records and old instruments from charity shops or on eBay, so you can keep this pretty low cost, too.

Some great ideas for including music in your wedding decor are:

  • Making your centerpieces out of vinyl records
  • Hanging vinyl records as ceiling decorations
  • Using instruments as centerpieces. This works really well if you use smaller instruments and create a centerpiece using flowers and candles either around or in the instrument of your choice
  • Using larger instruments as decorative features in the venue. For example, if you have a piano or a cello, draping it with flowers and having it in the entryway is a great way to tie your theme together
  • Use cassette tapes to make your seating chart

Guest book

If both you and your partner are musical, then what better way is there for people to wish you well then to do it on an instrument rather than a traditional guest book?

It works well if you get an instrument with a gloss finish and provide thick gel pens in a color that will stand out. A mid-sized instrument like a guitar works really well (depending on the size of your wedding, of course!). You can pick up an old instrument from a charity shop and then paint it and decorate it however you like, and then use it as a decorative feature in your home after the big day.

Pop the instrument in a prominent location and invite people to write their well wishes for you. It’s a good idea to get it varnished afterwards so that none of the writing wears off.


Obviously if you’re a music lover, you have to have live music at your wedding! This is where you can really show your personal taste, and choose a band or performer that you love.

As well as musical entertainment in the evening, you can also sprinkle touches of music throughout the day. For example, you might hire a wedding pianist to play as you walk down the aisle, or as your guests are eating their dinner.


Rather than getting flowers for your wedding, you can get paper flowers crafted from musical notation. Or if you want real flowers, consider wrapping them up in musical notation.

Perform for each other

If you are a musician and you don’t mind performing, this can be a wonderful way to show your spouse how much they mean to you.

Pick your favorite song and play it for them as a surprise on the day, and watch everyone well up!

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