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Single Review: Ten Penny Gypsy “Making Headway”

No better track exemplifies everything that Ten Penny Gypsy’s sophomore album Fugitive Heart does right than the intro record, “Making Headway.” Consisting of the dynamic duo Justin Patterson and Laura Lynn Danley with assistance from former Neil Young band member Anthony Crawford, the ten-track effort showcased some of the best country music in recent years from the midwest. “Making Headway” starts off with smooth riffs and picks that put the listener at ease from the get before the duo’s soothing vocals blend in to create a euphoric experience. They speak of wanting to head home, but for the time being, they are content with their path in life as long as they are heading in the right direction. A lot of life is unpredictable, but if you have a wanderer’s soul and focus on the journey and the end goal, your happiness will always remain within you. The Arkansas band’s album is out now and is garnering critical acclaim and award recognition.

-Colton Devonshire

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