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Single Review: Jane n’ The Jungle “Lucky 7”

There’s nothing quite like watching a song come to life inside of a recording studio, and in the video for their new single “Lucky 7” rockers Jane n’ the Jungle offer us a fly-on-the-wall experience fans of heavy music are certain to enjoy. Although structured as a showcase for the soundtrack above all else, the video for “Lucky 7” is nonetheless gripping in its introduction to the raw compositional side of Jane n’ the Jungle, who hold nothing back from us in showing just how authentic a process they go through to create, record and produce everything they stick their name on. 

Much like the music video, the song itself is pretty cut and dry rock n’ roll material that doesn’t invite a lot of external fluff into the mix. Given that we don’t need a bloated bassline to yield any additional physicality on the backend, the guitar is allowed to roam about the front of this track rampaging through just about any beat the percussion sets forth.

The vocal is ripping but just melodic enough to adhere to some basic pop standards, allowing not only for maximum chaos in the verses but a seamless integration with the other components of the song as well. 

Those who are hurting for something harder to get through these quarantine times really need to make a point of listening to Jane n’ the Jungle right now, as they’re emerging from the dust cloud of 2020 looking to be one of the more adept and skillful alternative rock groups not paying homage to some outdated aesthetic on the punk spectrum. This is their style and very much their sound, and to me a track like “Lucky 7” doesn’t just stand up to the quality of its predecessors – it exceeds it through an original moxie I cannot wait to hear more of. 

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