Denver, CO based The BRKN is Jacob Cade-guitar and vocals, Mike Bokenkamp-drums, and MJ Younkers-guitar. Taking a different approach from their 2019 debut release No. 3, The BRKN steps away from their original brand of pop-punk and delivers the follow-up to their song and video for “Be Cool” and continues their journey with an infectious pop-rock sound. “Calm Down” out on October 27, is filled with great grooves, tight production and pop n’ rock charm. Stream it here: https://ingroov.es/calm-down

“’Calm Down’ proved to be one of the most challenging songs we’ve written so far as a band. It sort of got pushed to the side for a while, and we weren’t sure how we felt about it in the beginning. We really wanted to make it work, but we struggled to find the right sound and feel for the song. Once we played around with it, we stumbled upon some really great things that just pushed the song to a much more energetic place we all loved” says Bokenkamp.

The BRKN are pulling no punches and paving their way with their own diverse take on pop-rock music. “This song had a brutal upbringing. We tore it apart and put it back together too many times to count, but we all knew there was something special hidden within the groove we just had to chisel it out” explains Cade.

“Cade’s open-hearted songwriting and energetic performance style are two of the defining features of The BRKN’s music” — says American Songwriter.

“Calm Down” is one of the BRKN’s most confident cuts to date. “This song really shows us firmly headed in a new direction that we are all very excited about. This is just a taste of what we’ve been working on and we really cannot wait to launch it into the world!” says Younkers.

The BRKN’s songs are filled with groove-filled rhythms, intense riffs and lyrics that will have you singing along. The band formed in early 2019 and spent most of the year touring and recording. Their songs have racked up close to a half-million cumulative views and streams. They toured with The Dangerous Summer, Arm Akimbo and Locket in early 2020 and are confirmed for a run with Doll Skin 2021.

“Calm Down,” “Be Cool,” and No. 3 available via Right Brain Music Group/Ingrooves

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