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Taouil New Single “Bleed”

New artist Taouil brings you to your knees with his new single ‘Bleed’. The 2020 release shows the talent of the singer and his band with their ability to bring out their own style in a genre so well-known.

The heavy synth and electric guitar riff let you know exactly what kind of rock you’re getting into from the start. The lyrics capture the complex reality of getting over lost love in a simple way. Laid between the heavy guitar, the lyrics are purely delivered and the build up adds to the emotional rollercoaster the protagonist is going through. The chorus is an explosion of all the feelings that come when going through the motions losing a love while still trying to go about life as usual.

Streaming: https://open.spotify.com/track/2CBG7TGWjCfltxP4By5jMs

The first verse delivers the feeling of the initial moments of the news. You feel like you can’t breathe and future plans become past memories. It all culminates in the need to be alone with your thoughts and emotions, before the internal explosion of the chorus begins. The second verse shows the turn to heartlessness. Love can never exist again if it’s going to hurt you like this. You stop believing that things get better and find it hard to move on. Again, you just want to be alone with your thoughts as you slowly try to get through the feelings.

The chorus, as previously said, is an explosion. The protagonist’s inner thoughts are much different from what he shows to others and he is trying to make sense of what has happened. Here, the full band is on display, taking up the space left in the verse. The drums get the heart pumping, while the guitar shreds force the feet off the ground as the energy bursts out of the body. The raw vocals mimic the rawness of the emotions in the song as well.


This classic approach to energy rock keeps true to the genre while allowing Taouil the space to make it his own. He truly does make it his own through the arrangement and overall style. The absence of most of the instruments (save the electric guitar) at the last chorus really brings forth the rawness of emotions to the fore. Having the song end with the full band, gives the song and the emotion a satisfying conclusion.

Derek Taouil is a New York based artist with a goal of redefining energy rock. ‘Bleed’ is that attempt at changing the genre. With a song tackling the struggles of losing love, it leaves room for hope and a new day.


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