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Single Review: Izzie’s Caravan “Stick It To Ya”

Izzie’s Caravan is back with their rowdy, energetic new song ‘Stick It To Ya’. Well, it looks like someone has upset this artist as he boldly declares on the opening lines – “Hey little Phoebe, I’ve got something to say. You’ve been mouthing, but nothing much to say”. Although Izzie’s Caravan may be upset about something, we certainly aren’t mad about this track at all. Through a reinvigorated spirit and emblazoned, fiery vocal performance, Izzie’s Caravan has delivered yet another stroke of quality rock and roll to the forefront. “Got my records, got my blues… got my wings baby, I’m the sultan of the swing” – rightfully a little bit cocky and very self-assured, ‘Stick It To Ya’ is definitely a fun track to listen to when you’re pissed off at something! No doubt a strong message to the naysayers, ‘Stick’ is Izzie’s Caravan going off with a bang. This song really does have everything. It opens with a relatively simple guitar solo and, midway through the song, transitions into an all-out electric piano extravaganza.  Then, Izzie Caravan’s confident vocals come back into the fold for the final climax of the song. “I’m going to play it loud”, he exclaims – and we think you should play this one loud too.

–Fred E.

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