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North Louisiana native, Cee Will, is taking the R&B world by storm!

Born Coronae Willis, Cee Will has been writing and singing music most of her life. She learned at the early age of 4, that music was her passion when she would emotionally sing Diamonds and Pearls by the late musical legend, Prince. Cee Will tends to captivate her fans with her deep, soul-filled voice and her relatable lyrics. When asked what makes her different from everyone else, she stated, “everything makes me different. I don’t make music for fame, I make it because I live and breathe music. When you’re truly passionate about it, it shows in your music.” Hailing from a town that CNN once described as the poorest town in America, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Cee’s main goal is to let everyone know that big things can happen in small places! She appreciates those that believe in her and plans to make fans out of those who don’t! I’d keep my eye on Cee Will if I were you! Her sound is about to take the world by storm! Be sure to grab her latest album “Sagittarius” this fall!

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