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Single Review: Blindboss “Fake Internet Points”

Sleekly arranged but entirely more acrylic than anything I’ve heard in mainstream pop music lately, there’s no getting around the experimental edge that guides forth some of the smartest moments Blindboss new single “Fake Internet Points” has to share this September. Stylistically bringing to mind elements of a retro funk-rock sound but constructed to resemble the noise/pop of an entirely different movement within the alternative music community, “Fake Internet Points” is a monster of a melodic track, and whether you’re watching the video or listening to the song by itself, you are certain to step away from its grooves affected by more than the beat alone. 

Bandcamp: https://blindboss.bandcamp.com/

The bass is thuggish and anything but muted – as has been the trend for the better part of 2020 thus far – but I think its indulgent design was very necessary to accentuate the thrust of the percussion in the backdrop. Rhythm is the undisputed centerpiece in “Fake Internet Points;” even amidst the quick-dispensing of visuals in the music video, the groove of the drums is what keeps us glued to the screen more than any of the actual imagery. The vocal, the synths, all of the melodic components in this mix contribute to the physicality, which just isn’t the case with most of the mainstream tracks you listen to this season. 


I just got into the music of Blindboss just recently, but I’m very impressed with what he’s doing in “Fake Internet Points.” This is a very original sound he’s cultivating for himself, and while there are quite a few experimentalists with similar ambitions to his own making big waves in the American underground this year, few have left me feeling as intrigued about the future as this track did. Blindboss has a lot of work ahead of him on the long road to stardom, but with a song like this under his belt, he’s off to a great start. 

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