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Single Review: Rick Dorn “Great Things”

Slowly churning us in a vortex of melodicism as strong as any hurricane wind, Rick Dorn doesn’t have time for synthetic props when he’s crooning the verses of his new single “Great Things.” For this gospel-soul singer/songwriter, there’s simply too much substance to share within the music to get hung up on sonic frills, most of which often act more as artistic barriers between artist and audience more than anything else. “Great Things” celebrates God’s creation lyrically, but from an instrumental standpoint, it pays homage to a hybrid of soul and R&B that will probably never go out of style. 

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Much like his last single, the holiday-themed “A Merry Christmas,” this single and its cinematic music video are profoundly melodic. Dorn’s voice is so closely synchronized with the instrumentation that there are instances in which it’s difficult to tell where the harmony is starting and ending, but not because of a cluttered mix at all (quite the opposite is true). There’s a ton of definition for the instrumental faceting here, but what ties everything together is a vocal from Rick Dorn that may well be one of the most inspired and emotionally-charged of its kind on a single out this summer. 

If this is par play for Rick Dorn, I must say that I cannot wait to see him perform live in concert at some point in the very near future. The performance he gives in the video for “Great Things” is enough to convince me that he really kills when put in front of an audience to feed off of, but even if it takes a minute to get him back on the stage amid the turbulent times of 2020, I’m very excited to see what else he can do from within the recording studio. He’s off to a great start here, and I think other R&B fans are going to agree with me. 

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