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Natalievna21 about her new VEVO music video and underwater shooting

Natalievna21 released a new music video on her VEVO channel – Natalievna21VEVO. The video is for her latest song which is called ” So deep ” . We had a possibility to ask this talent artist about the shooting process and that’s what we found out : ” I was so excited about it. During making the song ” So deep ” the mood drove me to emotions and I started to visualize the picture of the story itself that I created. I thought about analogy between emotions and water , how it is equal to each other and how deep people can feel. All these feelings I puted to the song and in acting to make it fully exciting. The idea of “pink lake” cross my mind and I decided to start shooting there and continue underwater. That was very interesting process. I tried fully express all the emotions to make the video as deep as the song 🙂 ”

And the truth is Natalievna21 really made it. The song and the video together take you in a special mood and keep in it till the end. You watch , listen and feel everything with her, you totally live in this moment and dive in. It is enthralling for the viewer. It is ” So deep ” .

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