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Single Review: Miss Freddye “Wade In The Water”

Pittsburgh’s Miss Freddye is the genuine article. A seasoned gospel artist, Freddye spends her time away from the stage and studio advocating for a number of charities and humanitarian causes. Her latest single is a rendition of ‘Wade in the Water’; a classic gospel song first recorded in 1925. Freddye’s take on the song adds a contemporary flavour in a way that captures the full power and emotive range of her vocal. A lush choir supports Freddye throughout the track, providing a bed of pure harmonic bliss. Accompanying the lead piano is a sultry organ part, which lends authenticity to the bluesy origins of the genre. ‘Wade in the Water’ by Miss Freddye is the moment in a live set where the audience falls silent, and you can hear a pin drop in the room. Take some time out of your day to sit quietly, hit play on the track, and reproduce that moment in the comfort of your home. Miss Freddye’s forthcoming album is scheduled for 2021.


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