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Interview With Production Team Beats Universal

Beats Universal is a music production team formed in 2013, consisting of three producers currently based in the UK, USA and Greece. They produce instrumentals for music artists and rappers in many different genres but their main genres are currently Rap, Reggae and Hip Hop beats.  One of their renowned producers sat down with us for this interview…

ME: Tell us about Beats Universal. What is the concept, and how did you come up with it?

Beats Universal: Beats Universal is a music production team consisting of 3 producers / beatmakers, who are currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. We formed Beats Universal as a way to provide industry quality beats and instrumentals in all popular genres, as well as affordable music services to artists and rappers.

ME: What services do you provide for artists?

BU: We provide various artist services such as mixing / mastering, lyric video services, music website design and more.

ME: How did you decide what producers would be a part of Beats Universal, and are you looking to add more?

BU: Basically, each one of us specializes in different genres and this way we are able to cover almost any genre or type of beat that any artist or rapper may need. So one of us mainly focuses on HIp Hop beats, another one focuses on Reggae riddims and another one on Rap instrumentals. But we also produce beats in several other genres as well. We’re not really looking to add any more producers to the team currently, but maybe we will in the future if the need arises.

ME: Give us the 15 second pitch for Beats Universal. Why should artists work with you?

BU: As mentioned earlier, we have a large catalog of top quality beats in all genres, so artists and rappers can browse our website and find exactly the type of beats that they need for their songs, albums and mixtapes, and they can also take advantage of our quality services – all in one spot – without having to look at different websites for each different service they might need as a music artist.

ME: How can artists get in touch with you, to work with Beats Universal?

BU: Artists can browse our large selection of beats for sale and artist services at our website BeatsUniversal.com and feel free to hit us up on social media @BeatsUniversal anytime as well.

ME: Thank you for taking the time.  Looking forward to hearing more great productions from Beats Universal!

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