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Interview With Producer TerryVibes

TerryVibes is a Reggae and Hip Hop music producer / beatmaker from Greece. He has been producing music and instrumentals for artists for over 15 years now and has worked with hundreds of music artists from all around the world.

Terry took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions in this one-on-one interview…

MusicExistence: Thanks for taking the time, Terry. You’ve been involved in producing music for the past 20 years. How did you get involved with producing?

TerryVibes: Thanks for having me. Basically I’ve been in music groups since a young age and I always loved to write and perform music, so at first I just did it as a hobby for myself or for the bands I was in at the time. But later when I realized that I could produce beats and instrumentals for other music artists and get paid for doing something I love, I did the research and tried to find ways so I could do this professionally.

ME: What is your production style and what genres do you produce?

TV: I make beats for music artists and rappers in a variety of genres, but currently I mainly produce reggae beats and hip hop instrumentals which artists can purchase online on my website TerryVibes.com

ME: You are from Greece. How has your location been a help or a hindrance to your success, and has it influenced your style at all?

TV: Since I can basically do everything that has to do with my beat-selling business online, I never really had any issues, as the artists and rappers I work with are from all over the world and we can collaborate successfully online.

ME: What is your overall opinion on the future of music? Where is music heading in 2020, and beyond?

TV: I believe there’s great music to be found in all styles and genres, as long as people are willing to put some effort in discovering it. And since nowadays you can find pretty much anything online without much effort, I believe it’s worth it for people to put in some time so they can discover great music that they’ll really enjoy listening to.

ME: What’s next for Terry Vibes? Anything coming up on the horizon that our readers should know about? And how can artists get in touch with you, for production?

TV: I’m always producing new beats and instrumentals for music artists – be it Reggae or Hip Hop – and I’m always looking for ways to grow my music production business so I can collaborate with even more artists and put out some great music.

Artists can check out my beats on my site TerryVibes.com and connect with me on all social media networks @TerryVibes

ME: Thanks so much Terry!  Looking forward to hearing more of your amazing productions in the future!



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