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Single Review: David Drake “Shooting Arrows at the Sun”

With a lustrous slink to its rhythm and rhyme, David Drake’s “Shooting Arrows at the Sun” begins to take shape before us. Whether we’re watching the video for the single or simply taking in the song as it was originally recorded, there’s a profound darkness that overtakes most every word that slips from Drake’s lips here. Eerily stylish and vaguely cosmopolitan in its construction of a sly hook, there’s a pop influence to “Shooting Arrows at the Sun” not necessarily as recognizable in this artist’s previous work as it is here, but nevertheless, it produces a sound as unique as any sunset.

The vocals are mixed as to reflect all of the tension building in the instrumentation during the chorus, but I wouldn’t say that “Shooting Arrows at the Sun” is somehow anti-cathartic. There isn’t any breathing room between the percussion and the bassline as we get deeper into the song, and once the vocal weaves in and out of focus following the second chorus, the entire energy around the center of the melody shifts towards the implied darkness of the track’s first half. This might not have been created with the intention of inducing chills on the spot, but that’s exactly what Drake’s latest release does when heard at the right volume.

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We cross the finish line with David Drake’s “Shooting Arrows at the Sun” in a fading, smoky haze of harmonies that are neither broken nor complete. The first time that I heard this song and saw the music video it inspired, I couldn’t help but think of The Doors at their most cryptic, towards the end of Jim Morrison’s time on earth. Drake captures the essence of a horizon’s joint optimism/pessimism better than I had thought him capable of here, and I would tell anyone who hasn’t already seen this video to give it a watch as soon as possible.

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