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The One I Want

Master musical craftsman Santiago unleashes bold, feel-good tracks that flow with the flavors of ‘90s hip-hop, pop, rap and Latin music. His intricate beats, lush instrumental layers and vivid poetry combine to illuminate powerful emotions that bond listeners and inspire them to get up and dance. Santiago’s hand-crafted, high-energy recordings are alive with infectious hooks and solid rhythms that show his deep understanding of rhythm and texture as well as his artistic flexibility and passion for experimenting with fresh sounds. His recorded tracks and live performances all pulse with the spirit of the many musical pioneers who have influenced his powerful voice and helped refine his instinct for song structure, including Jurassic 5, Big Pun and DMX. Santiago’s work showcases his talent for expressing perspectives on love, relationships, self-discovery, life’s universal challenges and his own experiences coming up in the Neorican culture of New Jersey and New York City


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