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Gin Cooley Brings Out New EP ‘GIN’

It’s rare to find an artist that is beautiful, talented and with a great personality, but American singer and songwriter Gin Cooley seems to have all three. A former international fashion model who’s walked the biggest catwalks in Italy, Singapore and the United States, Cooley has now turned her attention to music.

Earlier this year, Gin Cooley released the eerily beautiful track “Unattainable”, a song imbibed with sadness from the very first chords. On this track, Cooley’s voice is detached and sorrowful, but also exposes this immensely beautiful fragility in the singer, which allows a wide variety of listeners to relate with the song and the artist.

Now, Cooley brings out the rest of her EP, simply entitled “Gin”, and listeners like myself, who were already taken with the “Unattainable” track,  quickly flock to the new songs.

“Death of a Friend” is a breathtaking, evocative piece. The slow, humming beginning is at the same time filled with grief and incredibly powerful. For me, it’s like standing on a cliff, looking out at the horizon after suffering great loss. It’s the knowledge that you will move on because you have to, but that things will never be quite the same. All that from the first few seconds of the song.

And when Gin begins to sing, the track gets even better.

“I can’t believe you’re really gone…” she sings and immediately sends a shiver down your back, makes your hair stand up on end. “Death of a Friend” is an immensely visual song, transporting you to the scene and forcing you to feel the regret. It’s a raw and very powerful song of loss and suffering that really tears your heart out.

Through the miracle that is the Spotify playlist (where you can find Gin’s songs right now!), we then move on to the track “You Know Me”, with its mellow, cat-like rhythms that are both sensual and stand-offish. Loving, yet resentful.

In fact, the whole album has similar, somewhat looping rhythms that might not work well for another, but perfectly complement Gin’s husky, sensible voice.

“Gin” is truly a masterpiece that makes one think: is there anything this woman can’t do?



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