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Litvar Presents new single ‘Hi I’m Andy’

“Hi I’m Andy”, interestingly enough, sounds like a blast from the past, but is in fact surprisingly modern. And I mean 2020 modern. This exciting and unique track has a definitely old school kind of vibe to it, and yet it comes from this super-young and super-interesting duo, called Litvar.

Litvar is composed of Rex Thrustan on vocals, keys and guitar and Joe Lemieux, who spices it up with the drumming. They are this up-and-coming musical project that does not seem to fall into any one music genre, but rather offers an interesting blend of multiple styles.

They derive their name from two words, which I found quite cool. Basically, Litvar is a mix of the words “light” and “variation” and is supposed to symbolize what this young duo stands for and aims to achieve musically.

But getting back to the song. “Hi I’m Andy” comes off their debut album, cheekily entitled “The Greatest Movie of All Time”, that addresses a vast array of subjects. It’s a very coming-of-age piece of art, but manages to avoid any of the common pitfalls of such stories. It’s not cheesy at all, but endowed with a surprising sense of realism and honesty about the pleasures and challenges of growing up in this mad world.

Young, teenage love, the end of school and navigating friendships all make an appearance on the album. Overall, it has a very 90s vibe, without being for a 90s generation. Since it can be difficult for kids these days to relate to songs their own parents related to growing up, Litvar gives us something to cherish and make us feel understood. And they’re new, they belong to today’s generation, while retaining their old school sort of inspiration.

“Hi I’m Andy” is a very versatile piece of music, with aggressive vocals and erratic melody, that perfectly sums up the angst and rebellion and sheer madness of being young.

It’s perfect both for kids struggling to make sense of life and for adults who grew up in the 90s and would love to take a quick trip back in time.

If you haven’t listened to “Hi, I’m Andy” yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.



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