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Going to the Sun New Album ‘Love Letters From The Western Gate’

These are strange times and it’s always nice to have some music that soothes the soul and raises the spirits. Going To The Sun is a Minneapolis-based group that has been together for a while. They are known for a fantastic blend of conscious earthy music. Their new album ‘Love Letters from The Western Gate’ is in the same earthy acoustic electric pop rock that they are known for. From the first track to the last, you’re taken on a magical journey that makes for a memorable listening experience.

The album opens with ‘Music for a Party’ that is a cool jam with lots of guitar, snares and hauntingly silky vocals from Willie Nelson. It sets the tone for what to follow for the rest of the album. Music for a Party is fun, a real party vibe about friends and happy days. Hopeful Song has a country vibe, another happy vibe that talks about better days and not giving up no matter what. Broken, Still Beating talks about resilience and never giving up. There’s a common theme to the album and it is one of hope, positivity and many beautiful things. Having faith to recover after a broken heart, being hopeful after a difficult time. The tempos of the song changes with Western Gate being more mellow and slow, a song about finding oneself all over again.

The album is really a collection of love letters from Going To The Sun, some of love, some of hope, some of the pains of being in love or falling out of it. No matter what your musical inclinations are, there is something for everyone. Remember Who You Are has such a beautiful country vibe that it fits right into rodeo scene. Music is beautiful, and the album also goes all the way to show how much depth you can find in music as a means of expression. Here’s an album with an intimate feel, a track that hits each personality different.

Going to The Sun hits a home run with Love Letters from The Western Gate, providing unforgettable melodies, soothing hearts and providing a reason to smile in these times.

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