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Single Review: Jeremy Parsons “Tragedy”

The Lone Star State’s very own Jeremy Parsons returns home with a stellar new single entitled “Tragedy.” After living in Nashville for several years, San Antonio’s rising country star is already prepping for a new album set to release in 2021. Until then, he offers one of the darker tracks he has inside of the vault. The slow and foreboding guitar plucks back Parsons’ melancholy vocals, which have a distinctly southern feel while still conveying an overall sadness to them. He begins to spin a tail of hotel escapades with broken mirrors and bloody sinks as he croons, “Ain’t that a tragedy, or is this reality?” He seeks desperately for an escape yet is educated enough to realize that the events one goes through are written in stone, whether they are good or bad. The true reality of the situation is how you respond to these situations, and Jeremy Parsons has always used these experiences to better himself. If this is any indication of the upcoming project, fans are in for a treat!

-Colton Devonshire

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