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Single Review: Richard Lynch “Starting Now”

Richard Lynch is no stranger to Christian country music but his latest single, “Starting Now,” brings out the best within him. The Waynesville, Ohio, native has been topping charts for a while with his bass-baritone voice and smooth guitar riffs. His vocals scream outlaw while his message is one of a more pure purpose. The record sees Lynch catching up with an old friend who has now “dedicated his life to the Lord,” his “new best friend.” He offers a reflection on his personal growth, progressing from the wild party crasher in his youth to becoming a fifty-year-old who had a lot of work to do to revitalize his relationship with God and be a family man his friends could look up to. The three-minute runtime of the track operates as one fluid exposition, one that Lynch handles beautifully while keeping his point intact and the memo interesting. This has become a hallmark of his style, and something that he has only perfected further in recent years. A thing or two could be learned from Richard Lynch, and he’s willing to share if you are game to listen!

-Colton Devonshire

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