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Single Review: The Dead Daisies “Unspoken”

A melodic growl pours over a decadent riff as we listen to any given verse in the new single “Unspoken” from The Dead Daisies, unmistakably belonging to the one and only Glenn Hughes. Hughes, a hard rock veteran alongside equally-respected players in The Dead Daisies, continues the aesthetical legacy he helped to start in “Unspoken” brilliantly, evoking emotion through both his singing and the verses it conveys. Classic rock enthusiasts with knowledge of the genre will be the first to tell you that this supergroup features one of the more impressive lineups in the game these days, but you don’t have to be an audiophile to love the music they play here.

As engrossing as Hughes’ vocals are in “Unspoken,” I found the riffing to be one of the most spellbinding elements in the song. The guitars chug along to a rigid beat courtesy of some fiery percussion, but scarcely to the two components become muddied in the master mix. Everything here is supremely well-defined from a production standpoint, though it’s worth noting that pop plasticity has been left on the sidelines altogether. The melodic instrumentation is very physical but never touches on overindulgent territory, and even though The Dead Daisies are undisputed icons in their own right, this is still a pretty difficult feat to accomplish.

The Dead Daisies: https://thedeaddaisies.com/

If you love classic rock as much as I do, “Unspoken” is a single that will not disappoint. The recently released lyric video for the track adds a visual dimension to its narrative, but by and large this is a release that was created for those who can appreciate musicianship of the mightiest variety. The Dead Daisies have nothing to prove to anyone at this juncture of their career together, but it should be said that they’re offering up some of the best hard rock around in their most recent studio dispatch.

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