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Introducing: Keymakers

Hello Keymakers! We are blown away with the snippets of your live show that you posted to IG. We would love to know more about how the Spectra Tour came to light and what fans can expect when they come out to a show.

Red: Thank you so much! The Spectra tour came about because we wanted to give our listeners a way to interact with and enjoy the EP beyond just streaming the music. We wanted to make an experience that we could share with listeners and fans. One thing they can expect for sure is a lot of variety. Mixing genres and styles is something that we try to do in our production and our live performance.

How did you all come up with the set list? Do you play in covers in your live show? If so, how did you decide which one?

Rome: We really built it over time! It’s a mixture of released music, older and newer unreleased stuff, songs from others that inspire us and speak to us, and of course new music we’ve created just for the set. We LOVE doing covers as part of our set, even medleys of a few different songs. It something that’s super fun for us and always gets people into it.

So you are brothers – who also are in a band together. What do you do when you can’t agree on something?

Red: Name of the game is compromising, it’s all about the give and take. Anything from choosing the set list to building percussion for a track in the studio. We’ll both have ideas and try them out then see if we can either find something in-between or one of us says “actually, I’m cool with that way”. So we keep things going pretty smooth.

What was the first concert you ever attended and what impact did that have on you?

Red: The first concert I saw was Wiz Khalifa on the Rolling Papers Tour in our hometown, Pittsburgh. Unreal show. It was the first time I saw hip-hop performed with a full band. Really respect Wiz for how artistic that tour was.

Rome: Actually Christina Aguilera, when I was really young. I went with our Mom (probably one of 10 non-father males in the arena) and I was just amazed by her voice first, but also how she interacted with the crowd. She was emotional up there and you could tell she wasn’t faking anything, so that was inspiring to watch.

Tell us when you knew that music was going to be something you would pursue full time?

Rome: I think music was something we always knew we were going to do for the rest of our lives. It’s more of a reflex for us than a job. The tricky part is making a living with the music you create. Our plan to really make this a full-time thing came about around a year and a half ago when we both decided that we loved this too much to split our time with a 9-5, why not try our hardest to give it a real go?

Anything else you would like to share?

We’d love to share some of our plans for new music coming out soon! We’re set to release a remix we did for another artist and friend of ours that will be out later this month! We also have a big EP related surprise coming as well, so stay tuned for that. Follow us on Instagram (@thekeymakers) to stay up to date on everything, and we hope to see some of y’all at a show soon!

Thank you for your time!

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