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Gary Burk III’s “You Got Me” Adds Something Different To Country

Pittsburgh-based country artist Gary Burk III’s debut single with MTS Records, “Friday Night” stormed into the iTunes Country Songs chart Top 20 (Canada) with its infectious groove and “good time” lyrics. The track received more than 50,000 Spotify streams, while the lyric video has surpassed 18,000 Youtube views. While the single climbed airplay charts, Burk released a brand new track, “You Got Me.”

The accent and the slight twang is what gives Gary Burk the country artist label. However, it seems that Burk is always toying with something else. The music for this song is more 80s pop with jazzy undertones (almost AOR) until the guitar cements the song as a country piece.

Even if the lyrics are commonplace (it’s a ballad, so what should we expect?) there is a lingering feeling that Gary Burk is doing something different from the country artists that are jumping towards pop. It’s as if he was also thinking about crossing over–somewhere else, adding new sounds to country. He’s an artist to watch while humming or singing along to his songs–because this thing is catchy too.

–Lady Stardust

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