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Single Review: Dirty Snowman Society – “Taste of Heaven”

Colorado’s Dirty Snowman Society is an alternative rock band comprising singer-drummer Frank Costantini, lead guitarist Jonnie Law, rhythm guitarist Chris Todoroff, and bassist Patrick Linfante. Formed in 2017, The Copper Mountain quartet comes from a varied range of backgrounds, having held such established position as Emmy-winning TV director and best-selling author, touring metal musician, ski and surf instructor, and professional lawyer.

Much like the diversity of their career paths, the band sports a heavily nuanced sound as part of “Taste of Heaven,” their latest single which debuted earlier this month. The song begins on a jangly, noir-tinged acoustic note, defined by its sustain, backing leads, and subsequent symmetry with the bass line. Amidst the involvement, Costantini’s vocal tonality – a decidedly warm, vivid contrast – brings additional life to the instrumentation as well as it shapes the verses. From a thematic standpoint, the song seems to center on receiving consistent abuse from a love interest, wherein the victim’s mental state continues to unravel. I found that while the airiness of the verse progression pertains to a kind of hazy, oblivious loyalty, the chorus depicts the reality of the relationship – a hellish, overdriven loop that elicits an illusory correlation between pleasure and pain. For a debut, this single marks a decent example of the band’s stylistic and lyrical potential, and I look forward to how these elements will continue to be explored in future offerings.

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