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Up and coming rapper Tha Native drops new single, “Gangter”

Back in April 2019 we featured up and coming Native American hip-hop artist, Tha Native, and his new single, “Go Get Your Paypah,” featuring hip-hop legend, E-40. Since featuring, “Go Get Your Paypah,” Tha Native has been on a tear releasing single after single after single.

But, one of our favorites happens to be the simply titled, Gangster, featuring the very talented singer, Breana Marin, who does an amazing hook that absolutely helps make this song a soon to be radio hit.

That’s right! A radio hit! While Tha Native has a vast fondness of different genres of music, including heavy metal, which led him to start the metal band, Dog Faced Gods, he has never released a song quite like Gangster.

Gangster is an almost refreshing summer hit that just makes you feel like you are chillin’ out in Tha Native’s home of Southern California sippin’ on a cold cerveza with a fresh slice of lime. I mean, check out the graphics for the song, which is also used in the video and can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3bNQN6qu-E. Hills, mountains, ocean waves from the Pacific and palm trees in the noticeable blue and red gang colors of the crips and bloods, two infamous California street gangs, if you didn’t already know.

Seriously! Jump on this song and tell all your friends about it. They will “thank you, thank you” (in Tha Natives voice from this song) for the kind advice for a great song for the summertime and beyond. And please share this article with your social media friends by hitting one of the social media buttons below.

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