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Big Time Grain Company release new Single

Big Time Grain Company utilize a colorful country guitar and a soulful serenade in their new single “Sunday Morning” in a way that few of their counterparts in the Americana revival movement have in 2019, and it’s got critics talking this summer. “Sunday Morning” starts off with a simple electric guitar strum that doesn’t feel particularly special until it’s joined by a firm bassline and the vibrant vocal of our lead singer, who takes extra care to insert his verses into the instrumental harmonies without disrupting their even-flow. This is undoubtedly Big Time Grain Company’s most stylish song yet, but more than anything else, this is a single that pays homage to their influences whilst looking ahead at country’s rapidly evolving future.

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There’s so much to absorb in the instrumentation that, at times, it’s a little hard to split our attention between the gritty melodies that the vocal is divvying out and the sultry strings that are dominating the backdrop. It’s obvious that a lot went into constructing this master mix. What makes “Sunday Morning” such an effective ballad has nothing to do with the sonic ribbons and bows that a lot of country artists have become dependent on  – it’s the substance of the music itself; the raw, uncut nature of the narrative, and moreover, the reflective tone of the harmonies that frame it.

Country music’s underground has been getting a lot more interesting in the late 2010s, and at the forefront of all the excitement is none other than Big Time Grain Company, who have consistently shown us in the last three years not only how dedicated they are to their chosen craft, but also their keen ability to constantly mature and develop their sound into the leanest and meanest country machine that it can be. Of their four releases, this is an undebatable highpoint, and with any luck, it only represents a taste of what they’re forthcoming work is going to sound and feel like.

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