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Live Review + Gallery: Death Angel at Playstation Theater New York, NY (05.10.19)

On Friday evening or “afternoon” as frontman Mark Osegueda would refer to the bands early set time, the Bay Area thrashers Death Angel took the stage in front of the New York City crowd for the first time ever together with their long time veteran east coast thrash heavy weights Over Kill and wasted no time ripping right into their 40 minute set immediately stirring up a small circle pit with “Thrown to the Wolves”, Osegueda made his presence known to the crowd thrashing from one side of the stage to the other while lead guitarist Rob Cavestany ripped through the solos. Showing no signs of slowing down, Osegueda reached out to stir up the pit once again demanding the crowd to “Physically remind me where the fuck I am New York City!” as they took it back to the earlier years with “Seemingly Endless Times” off of 1990’s Act III.

While considering the bands setlist being cut short a bit it was still a well mixed blend of classic and new. The newer tracks included 2013’s title track “The Dream Calls For Blood” and “Humanicide” the title track for the bands forthcoming LP. Following with the classic instrumental and title track from the bands debut LP 1987’s “The Ultra-Violence”, a song with lightning technical solos and violently thrashing riffs that truly showcases the talents of both Lead guitarist Rob Cavestany and rhythm guitarist Ted Aguilar while not leaving out the heavy head pounding drum action from Will Carroll and smooth bass fills from Damien Sisson, it was the perfect piece to go right into the bands final song of the night “Kill as One” which was also featured on the bands debut LP The Ultra-Violence.

Although the band put on a great performance there seemed to be a bit of attitude shown with an urgency to simply get through the already short set even quicker, this could have been from what appeared be technical issues going on through the earlier part of the set or other reasons I would rather not speculate on, but as a farewell with a sarcastic tone in his voice Mark Osegueda said to the crowd “Good night New York or rather good afternoon, thanks for coming out so early, we’re Death Angel from the Bay Area and we play thrash-fucking-metal” and walked off the stage.


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