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Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. - 3/20/19 Riverside Theatre - Milwaukee, WI. (Photo by Bradley Todd - All Rights Reserved)

Live Review + Gallery: Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. at Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee, WI. 03.20.2019

Bob Weir, of Grateful Dead fame, brought his trio, Bob Weir & Wolf Bros., and their unique interpretation of Grateful Dead material (amongst other songs), to Milwaukee on 3/20/19 for one of the final dates of their second tour.

The group, which includes Jay Lane on drums and Don Was on stand-up bass, played a Dead heavy set consisting of classics Hell In A Bucket, Mama Tried, Weather Report Suite/Let It Grow, in the first set. The second set saw a Dar Star sandwich with Passenger in the middle, as well as a China/Rider with a energetic crescendo at the “…I wish I was a headlight on a Northbound train,” mark (see SETLIST and GALLERY below).

Lane and Was were a nice complement for Weir this night, laying down smooth, yet funky backbeats for Weir, which were especially potent on Hell In A Bucket in the first set and Passenger in the second. This format allows Bob’s unique guitar style to be front and center unlike in other musical outfits (namely Dead & Co.) he plays in with lead guitarists. The low-key acoustic rhythm section also provided a nice foil for Weir’s sharp, bright electric guitar tone.

Bobby and the Bros. finished off the night with an all acoustic version of the Dead’s Ripple which was a gentle landing after the raucous China/Rider that preceded it.

Catch Bob Weir on tour this summer with his main gig, Dead & Co., starting May 31st in California: https://www.deadandcompany.com


  1. Hell In A Bucket
  2. Loser
  3. Mama Tried
  4. Gonesville
  5. The Winners
  6. Weather Report Suite
  7. Let It Grow
  8. Easy To Slip
  9. Ashes & Glass
  10. Don’t Let Go
  11. Dark Star
  12. Passenger
  13. Dark Star
  14. A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall
  15. China Cat Sunflower
  16. I Know You Rider
  17. Ripple (Encore)

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