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Jenna Cunningham – “Blood In the Water”

Jenna Cunningham returns with a brand-new single, “Blood In the Water” from her forthcoming full-length CD, entitled – Seizing Self, Cunningham is an LA-based, Syracuse, NY born singer/songwriter, self-producer with mixing and mastering done by Jeremy Johnston. Her background includes having started out with piano and clarinet before moving onto more electronica inspired sounds to back her classic style singing voice. With each new release comes a new layer of sound and this compliments her past work as it takes her down another road on the music journey. The single also comes with a promo video which helps the song stay inside your head through visuals.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1raj8teJI0I

The track starts off with a galloping piano that pretty much keeps the pace going throughout the song, and some napping beats to help shuffle the music along. The vocals are another story altogether, with Cunningham carrying the pace very melodically but coming on very strong in the right places with some excellent over the top vocals in the chorus. It’s of no question that she is a fantastic singer, but it doesn’t come without wrapping your head around the lyrics to hear the whole package she delivers with world class appeal. And even though the subject matter is quite dark, it’s also quite compelling.

If you listen to the song first it might help, then a look at the video will make more sense because it is a very graphic video including a fair amount of blood. This is-why both mediums have their importance, but the audio always comes for to me, so I take music in that order as often as possible. Do this and see what I mean, especially concerning this song full of various peaks and valleys. “Blood In The Water” is essentially about another sinner doing sinners deeds, and the video adds to the story, so it’s best to hear the story before seeing it, if you can do that.

Once you’ve decided to watch the video, the whole story comes to life and serves an extra purpose in the visualization of the story. They both equal one another, but the song stands on its own two feet, above and beyond all subsequent bells and whistles. Make no mistake about it, the song goes a long way and the video helps to graphically push the subject, which is not a playful, but a serious one. And it might not be a complete departure from Cunningham’s previous releases, but it does break new ground for her, material-wise. It’s fresh and vibrant sounding, even though a relatively dark number.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/25u9wa4KS6gpB5ZDrddPdy

Whatever can’t be put into words here, the video speaks volumes for, so make sure to partake in both. Even if you see the video first, it should take you back to the song for multiple enjoyment. The voice of Jenna Cunningham alone does the business, but it’s about covering all bases and there’s more to this artist than meets the eye and this song put me onto more of her work. If you like great storytelling and graphic depictions of it, make sure to check out this recommended single.

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