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Single Review: Glorious – “Move”

Glorious is a Washington, D.C.-bred singer, drummer, and producer currently based in New York City. Named after her grandmother, Glorious Cooper, she initially developed her musical sensibilities on drums as a toddler, at just three years old. By adolescence, she’d put that talent to the test, earning a degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Electronic Production and Design. She has since adopted a singing approach involving a silky, yet gritty tonality, as well as applied her drumming to a live electronica setting.

This culmination of talents resulted in the release of her debut single, “Move.” Out since November, the song has steadily traction for its hybrid of classic and contemporary R&B and pop. It’s nothing short of a competent display, Glorious’s vocals sitting well amidst a deep, funky bass groove and fluid, popping percussion. A definite highlight of the song is its chorus, which features prominent involvement from the bass and horn sections. All the while, Glorious’s voice exhibits a sense of command that ultimately balances these elements. I look forward to how her style would fare on a mainstream scale, as she offers an organic sincerity that has long since been missing in modern music.

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