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Show Review and Gallery – Joyous Wolf in NYC at The Gramercy Theatre on 04/05/2018

Southern California has gifted the world a tremendously entertaining rock band that captivates with their fervent music and wicked on stage performance. Joyous Wolf made up by vocalist Nick Reese, drummer Robert Sodaro, bassist Greg Braccio, and guitarist Blake Allard has the musical mastery and presence to come onto the stage and engage you from beginning to end.

Frontman Nick Reese puts on an impassioned display of fancy footwork and splits possibly inspired by gymnasts and for sure the greats of yesteryear such as James Brown. All the while still maintaining his ever powerful vocal prowess. Reese’s onstage presence has an unrelenting amount of energy and when he took the stage at the sold out event in New York’s Gramercy Theatre in support of Fozzy on the Judas Rising Tour, he made it his own. Guitarist Blake Allard performed epic guitar solos with grace while drummer Robert Sodaro and bassist Greg Braccio savored every minute of their act. With music reminiscent of that early 70’s hard rock that lets the music do the talking and you just listen, the band never had a dull moment.

Joyous Wolf is definitely a gem and they need to come back to the New York Tristate area pronto.

To learn more about Joyous Wolf check them out at the links below:

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