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April Weeps are releasing second album Comma this month

APRIL WEEPS is an atmospheric metal band formed in 2010 in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia known for its heavy riffs, atmospheric melodies and intense and energetic live performances. If we wanted to describe the bands’ sound in detail, it contains a mix of gothic, doom and melodic death metal with groovy parts. The band in its short existence managed to open gigs for bands like XANDRIA, IN MOURNINGSATURNUS, DRACONIAN, NOVEMBRE or EPICA. Their second album, “Comma”, is coming out in April 2018. The album is an invitation to world out of known reality, out of the mundane struggles and also for taking a breath. It’s a paradox, that by stepping out of the known reality and connecting oneself with their inner world, one finds themselves in the true essence of being – confronting the feelings of sadness, anger, surprise, fear, happiness and maybe even disgust. The band is trying to come close to the feelings that are inside of us by the richness of its music and lyrical themes. The songs themselves are vessels for the creative energy, but also their affects. Lyrics touch upon the life itself and the situations it brings every day.

The creative process itself was as diverse as its content – not shy of the excitement of creating of new songs, playing a new song for the first time or the first listening to the freshly recorded material with pride, but also the feeling of frustration and discontent, misunderstanding, inner/outer conflicts sometimes leading to compromise, fatigue and resignation. This is the reality of the creative process of a band with strong individuals with specific opinions about the world. The band, the music and the experience of 7 individuals – those things are magically transformed into a single whole that is April Weeps. That is the best motivation. That is what this album is about. About authentic being with everything that is now.

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