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Easiest Ways to Create a Video that will Look Stunning

Creating content to promote a business or even for personal use might sometimes feel challenging, especially if you don’t have the experience and tools to create videos. To create impact with your video content, you should make it stunning. To make stunning videos, you don’t need to have sophisticated tools or software. There are many platforms that can help you create video content. Here is the process you need to follow to create stunning videos.


Here is an outline of the general steps you should follow to create videos.


  • Come up with a rough storyboard with your plan of how the video will flow. Write a small script if needed.
  • Create or find the footage needed
  • Edit using an app as discussed below
  • Package the content and share

Where to Find Free Stock Videos

You also don’t need to use your camera to take the footage you need. There are many sites that offer free stock videos that are ready for editing. Here are few that you might want to know about.


  • Videvo – offers free high-quality HD motion graphics and video footage
  • Pexels – offers free videos and photos uploaded by users from across the world
  • Pixabay – gives you access to thousands of videos, animations, and photos
  • Distil – high-quality videos ideal for commercial use each 10 days

Free Video Editing Tools

Now the next step is to edit the video to match your quality requirements and to also carry the content you want reflected. There are several applications available for free that you can use when you need to edit videos. Here are few you might find useful.

Lumen 5

Have you been wooed by videos on social media that contain slides? This is the kind of app people use to create those videos. Lumen 5 is a free tool that allows you to easily edit video slides. All you need is to import an article then pick which parts you want included in the video, and you don’t need to be a video production specialist to use the tool. The app even allows you to add a call to action and brand the videos. Check it out.

Quick by Go Pro

Go Pro has grown as a camera company and in their range of products is the Quick video editing app. The application allows you to import and arrange images or footage, then add text or music to make it as you would like. This is a perfect way to create professional product photos with little skills in video editing.


This is a desktop solution for video editing that you can use with some video editing skills. If you lack the skills you might take some time to adapt because the app is loaded with many features including professional tools that will help you to knit together scenes.


It does not matter if you have experience as a video editor, what you need is to have a plan and the content you want to share in your video. You can download footages from free resources mentioned here, and there are apps that allow you to edit the footages to create content suitable for your channels.


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