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Gallery: Rust Festival At Santa Anita Park Arcadia CA. 11.25.17

RUST Festival on Saturday, November 25th at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA, paying homage to the legendary “Heavy Metal Day” at US Festival ’83.

Having featured some of the most iconic hard rock and heavy metal acts of its day, US Festival ‘83’s “Heavy Metal Day” remains widely acknowledged as one of the greatest rock concerts of all-time. In honoring this pivotal moment in music history, RUST Festival is establishing a new holiday tradition:

BLACK SATURDAY, an annual celebration of hard rock music.

Produced by DELUXE Presents, RUST Festival ‘17 features eleven live performance tributes to iconic hard rock acts including Van
Halen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, The Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Mӧtley Crüe, and Guns
N’ Roses.

Chris Mitrovich, founder of DELUXE Presents and RUST Festival explains, “DELUXE Presents was formed in 2016 to produce boutique music festivals that focus on the art rather than the artist, allowing for an original rock and roll experience where the sole focus of the festival is on the music. In addition, we have also declared SATURDAY as a worldwide rocker holiday to honor and celebrate rock n’ roll’s core values.”

RUST Festival will feature over eleven hours of live music from Southern California’s best tribute bands, across two stages, for a day of homage to the most influential hard rock acts in music history.

The confirmed music lineup is as follows:

Fan Halen – World’s #1 Tribute to Original Van Halen
The Iron Maidens –All-Female Tribute to Iron Maiden
Black Sabbitch – All-Female Tribute to Black Sabbath
Masters Of Puppets – World-Famous Metallica Tribute
Bonfire – Tribute to Bon Scott-era early AC/DC
Paradise Kitty – All-Female Tribute to Guns N’ Roses
Just Like Priest – Full-Strength JudasPriest Tribute
Rhoads To Ozz – Tribute to Randy Rhoads-era Ozzy Osbourne
Hurrikane – High-Energy Tribute to The Scorpions
MotleyCrue’d – Tribute to all-eras of Mӧtley Crüe
Led Zepagain – Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Rhoads to Ozz

Paradise Kitty

Motley Crue’d

Masters of Puppets

Led Zepagain

Just Like Priest

Iron Maidens


Fan Halen


Black Sabbitch

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