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Single review: Shifty Eyes – BEAST

From the heart of Alberta, Canada, dynamic lyricist Shifty Eyes is breaking into the music scene once again with 2017 single, “BEAST”. The debut album including “BEAST” (the name of which is yet to be announced), will be released early 2018 according to social media output, which also suggests that the release may look to highlight prominent themes throughout Shifty Eyes music; as a child facing countless tribunals after his adoption, a drug dependency almost took his life, but instead, pushed the musician to dive deeper into his art, bringing respect and positivity back into his genre.

The artist focuses mainly on freestyle that turns into something more. “Shifty Eyes opened up for platinum selling artists at some of the toughest venues throughout America to perform and has carved out a specified niche that his team is ready to expand upon.”

“BEAST” is somewhat your typical hip-hop track; fast paced vocals follow an electronic undertone throughout, rising and falling with lyrics unique to Shifty Eyes‘ stage persona. Secondary vocals hidden between the two provide more depth.The track gained a roaring feedback immediately, as something different from May’s 9 track release, #DREAMWALKERS, released independently via SoundCloud.

Shifty Eyes says “open ya mind, grasp ya dreams”. Listen to “BEAST” here:

Shifty Eyes: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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