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Rhi Ramsay

20 year old internet person and attempted music journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Contact: rhiannonramsay97@gmail.com

Ex-Human, The Best Album of the Year

After going home with Reverbnation’s No. 1 “Best Alternative Rock Song” award in 2016, Italian born multi-instrumentalist Paul Pedana returned this March with his debut, self titled “existential rock” record, Ex-Human. Alongside band members Denis Efimenko, Lef Germenlis, Eduardo Fajardo and Nitzan Ravhon, the 12 track release is the writers own …

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Interview with Frank Iero

Despite the stereotypical Scottish weather, fans of all ages settled in outside Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele last week in anticipation for the nights lineup. Frank Iero and the Patience return to the UK alongside Homeless Gospel Choir, Paceshifters and Dave Haus And The Mermaid in support of September’s Keep The Coffins …

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Interview with NHD

Described as “a dizzy array of talent to good to ignore”, alongside a clean-cut dreamy aesthetic, three-piece trio NHD are back with a new release this October, an LP titled And The Devil Went Up To Portland. With the clash between Salim Nourallah‘s critically acclaimed solo talents, alongside Billy Harvey‘s post-modern pop sound and …

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