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Interview with Eternal Boy

Pop Punk never gets old.

It seems that every couple of years the torch held by giants such as Blink 182 and Simple Plan is passed down from band to band, continuing the ever-growing genre. Eternal Boy, a Pittsburgh-based pop punk band, is now one of the bands wielding the torch. Eternal Boy is anything but calm, with high-energy tracks that combine nostalgia, heartache, and friendship in the best ways. Their debut album, Awkward Phase, is due to drop July 14th, 2017.


Obviously, before any music is actually created, a band has to come together. What brought you guys together?

I wish we had some awesome story…but a few of us went to strict private high school and we shared the same angsty sentiment against wearing coat and ties etc. Punk rock was out way out of that world and into the one where we felt we belonged.

Do you think the local music scene in Pittsburgh had any effect on you?

Yes. Yes, and more yes. The Pittsburgh punk rock/pop punk scene while we were growing up was amazing. We basically looked at some of the larger bands here (Punchline, Anti-Flag, etc.) and copied their trajectory. They toured, wrote great songs, were friendly, and grinded. Thats our ethos even to this day.

You guys are big on the nostalgia pop-punk factor, and it’s great. What do you think of the current pop-punk scene? Is there anything you’d like to see happen or change?

Hmm… this is tough. We are definitely biased here: pop punk from the early 2000’s is the best. There…we said it. I like some of the newer bands (i.e., Seaway), but it just doesn’t feel the same. Of course they have had successes but there was something in the air with the older pop punk. It felt new, exciting, and that you were witnessing something that was going to blow up..and it did.

Your sound is similar to “The Wonder Years” and some “Man Overboard.” Do you draw any inspiration or influence from bands in your genre, or even outside?

Well, our inspirations are derived from the aforementioned bands: Old Blink 182, New Found Glory, The Starting Line, The Ataris, Take this to Your Grave Fall Out Boy, etc. These bands paved the way and I am hard pressed to find better songs today than then.

Are you excited to release “Awkward Phase?”

Not at all…JK JK JK JK. Yes, nervous, excited, all sorts of emotions. I want people to love it. Of course not everyone will but these songs really depict a lot of things happening throughout our lives. I think if people gave it a listen they will find something they like. PLEASE LOVE ME.

What was the creative process behind “Awkward Phase?”

The best songs we have every written are the ones that just happened. Didn’t sit down to plan a specific type of song on a specific kind of topic. Thankfully, nearly all of these songs just happened. So creatively, nothing was forced.

How does it feel to be playing some dates at Warped Tour this year?

Warped Tour is one of the best times of the year. Its summer camp, punk rock, sun burn, and mosh pits all in one. I am not sure there is anything more important in our music scene.

If you were to perform on a dream tour, which bands would you be sharing the stage with?

Tough one, but here it goes: Taylor Swift, Blink 182, The Starting Line, and Eternal Boy. Yup, that would sell a few tickets…because we are playing.

Anything planned for after Warped Tour and your album release?

We are just going to play as many shows as we can, shoot another music video, and hopefully get asked to play on the aforementioned tour.

Anything you have to say to your fans, or people interested in checking your music out?

Our bass player Joe is single, his number is 412-938-…..JK AGAIN.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, you know you love pop punk. Discover your next favorite one at www.eternalboymusic.com

Pre-order Awkward Phase here : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/awkward-phase/id1233847285

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