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Bubbles Erotica Consistently Deliver on Debut, Self-Titled Album

With the major labels seeming to only promote rock bands essentially cloning whatever sound is being played on the radio, the emergence of truly creative, fresh sounds like that blaring out of Chicago in the form of Bubbles Erotica are a welcome reprieve! Fusing such diverse influences as legendary rock/metal innovators System of a Down, alternative rockers Foxy Shazam, with hefty doses of Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana, their debut, self titled album is a winning album beginning to end; there isn’t even a hint of fillers here. Our stand out favorites have to be “Wisconsin Discoteque” and “Cloak and Dagger” (watch the video below) but check out and download the full release!

Buy Bubbles Erotica online HERE

Bubbles Erotica Track List:
Track List:
1. Cicada Arcade
2. Humbaba
3. Under your Wing
4. Operation Condor
5. Wisconsin Discotheque
6. Home is Where the Dark is
7. All I want
8. Cloak & Dagger
9. Ghost
10. Make it Out Alive

In today’s cut-throat music scene, it’s rare to find a band as self-sufficient, forward-thinking and as conscious about their art as Bubbles Erotica. In 2010, members Philip Hasso, Bradley Springer, Michael Hasso, and and Colin Stone came together to bring something new to the Rock Genre. From the constantly shifting sounds they create to the lush cover art of their two albums to their expansive, mind-bending videos: this is a band that, while eager to stand-out, doesn’t seem pre-occupied with waiting for someone else to get them heard. They’re forever creating, always two steps ahead of anyone else in their genre, locally or otherwise.

Buy Bubbles Erotica online HERE

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